About Us

The company "Finist Tour" is the only tour operator in the Tavria region and creates inbound tours in the Kherson region and more. The company closely works with the leadership of the local authorities of the Kakhovka, Beryslav, Chaplynka, Henichesk and Hola Prystan districts, as well as the cities of Nova Kakhovka, Kakhovka, Beryslav, Tavriysk and Kherson.

The Finist Tour team has developed unique tours:

  • Special Eco-Tour "Tavria Robinsonade"
  • Historical Pilgrimage Tour "Places of Cossack Glory"
  • Eco-Tour "Multicolor Tavria"
  • Weekend Tour "At the Crossroads of Worlds and Civilizations"

Finist Tour shows the historical, cultural, and natural heritage of the Tavria region, where we are always glad to see both Ukrainian and foreign tourists. The company acted as a co-organizer, as well as took a direct part in the international investment forum "Tavria Horizons." Together with the public organization "Agency of Regional Development of the Tavria Association of Territorial Communities" (ARD TATC - http://www.arr.ks.ua ) and other activists in the field of tourism, Finist Tour acted as co-organizer of the festivals "Water of Life" and "Vinotavr", as well as participated in the project for the preservation of architectural monuments of Nova Kakhovka "Stone Vyshyvanka" as well as a project to clean waterfalls and turn them into the tourist attraction "Unique Waterfalls in the Steppes of Kherson Region."

Finist Tour has extensive experience in conducting corporate business events: forums, trainings, conferences, and congresses in various cities of the region. Finist Tour is a regular sponsor of the annual big tourist event in Southern Ukraine - Tavrian Tourist Congress, which celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2018. Everything you will need to look, hear, touch, or hold, our company will do with the quality that will happily surprise you.

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We know well the secret to a good tour

The most important part of a tour is the comfortable atmosphere organized by our professional guide


There are not unsatisfied tourists, only the poor quality of the organization and the tour

We know all the tourist locations in the Kherson region

We show you the most interesting places of the Tavrian region. The nature's beauty, combined with captivating history, will not leave anyone unimpressed

Tourism with soul


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