Day 1

Meeting in Kherson. View of Tavria. Trade routes "from the Varangians to the Greeks". S. Tyahinka - the place of origin of the Ukrainian Cossacks, a 14th-century Genoese fortress. Beryslav: Danparshtadt, Gazi Kermen Fortress, wooden church. The only authentic Kamyanska Sich, the Cairo (Kamyansky) Chumak Path. Scythian settlement of Amadok, Grigorie Bizyuk Monastery, S. The Little Europe Serpent in the Steppes of Ukraine. German Church, Swedish Lutheran Church, Greek Catholic Church of Ukrainian Brawls, Old Swedish Cuisine, Music and Singing by Boykivchane and Swedish Three Sisters. Vytautas tower, unique waterfalls of Kherson region, Trubetskoy fortress.


Variant 1. Vesele, "Winery of Prince P. Trubetsky" Vineyards 1896 A unique collection of wines with around10,000 bottles. Tasting. Trip to Nova Kakhkovka. Dinner. Return to hotel.

Variant 2. Kayaking and canoeing on the island of Cossack. Crossing the island - crossing the town of Nova Kakhovka by canoe and canoe. Supper. Settlement in a hotel.


Day 2

List of excursions:

  • "Melody of Spring Trails"
  • Legendary "Tachanka"
  • "Lyubymivka Saffron"
  • Kakhovka Main Canal
  • Goat Cheese Factory  
  • The most beautiful park in the south of Ukraine is the village Tavrychanka
  • The only zebu farm in Ukraine
  • Askania-Nova Reserve, Arboretum.
  • Lemurian Lake
  • Black Valley
  • "Gold Pheasant"

And also, horseback riding, Chumak-style lunch,tasting.


Day 3

Ukrainian center of futurism. David Burliuk Chornyanka

Dniepr Gilea is the largest man-made forest in Europe

Oleshky Sands. The path of Otaman Sirko. Oleshky Sich



The cost of the tour includes; stay 1-2 nights, excursions 7-12,

dinners 2-3, dinners 1-2, tastings 1-2, entrance tickets to the parks.

2 days - 1980 UAH, 3 days - 2670 UAH

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